Saturday, 7 April 2012

weekend puzzle challenge answer

here is the weekend puzzle answer for this week


binwevils background

here is a little binweevils background i made it looks good on my computer if you E-MAIL me at i will e mail you back this if you want to set it as your background too

Friday, 6 April 2012

new binweevils books out 30/8/12

hi weevs there are going to be 3 new binweevils books released on the 30th august 2012 here they are



TREAT6 (Nest Item)

SECRET8 (Nest Item)

BAFTA543 (Nest Item)

BAFTA879 (Nest Item)

BAFTA4BW2011 (Nest Item)

FORTUNE219 (Nest Item)

TOILET2849 (Nest Item)

7206696115137 (Nest Item)

72096115137160 (Nest Item)

C6247OUTWIT (Nest Item)

WW100THANKYOU (Nest Item)

TOXIC711 (Nest Item)

BIN4 (Nest Item)

2012HAPPY (Nest Item)

554OCEAN222 (Nest Item/200 Mulch)

3ORANGE14 (Nest Item/50 Mulch)

325645 (Nest Item)

IMAGINE2012BW (Nest Item)

16STICKER1026 (Nest Item)

CABDEDOSHADECB (Nest Item/200 Mulch)


GOGIRL711 (Nest Item)

BUNTY (Nest Item)

GREENEYE11 (Nest Item)

REDEYE10 (Nest Item)

MYSTERY3 (Nest Item)

POSHCUPCAKE6 (Nest Item/10 XP)

HALL13 (Nest Item/100 Mulch/13 XP)

36PUMPKIN18 (Nest Item/200 Mulch)

29PINK6 (Nest Item/200 Mulch)

CLOTT11106 (Nest Item/200 Mulch)

DANGERALERT454 (Nest Item/200 Mulch)

866SLEIGH622 (Nest Item/200 Mulch)

MERRY24 (Nest Item)

GIFT9 (Nest Item)

SEA2012 (500 Mulch)

FAW275L9Z3P4 (Nest Item)

30DOSHCHAIRS (Nest Item)

986SLD3Z7J (Nest Item)

LAB19SLUDGE5RED8 (Nest Item)

1342CLEVER3412 (Nest Item/20 XP)

BUNTY65F (Nest item)

9BLUE10FLAG15KIP (Nest Item)
63 (1000 Mulch)

685 (1000 Mulch)

MULCHMAG1120 (1000 Mulch)

SWSP4KJL47AF (1000 Mulch)

3RED6SCRIBBLES (500 Mulch)

500SNOWFLAKE1200 (200 Mulch/20 XP)

102BONBON662 (200 Mulch/20 XP)

SANTA3525 (200 Mulch/20 XP)

167HOLIDAY1 (500 Mulch/30 XP)

LAB229MULCH3 (200 XP)


9COCOABOWS (Nest Item/25 XP)

FLEMMANOR2012 (Nest Item)

CLOTT1296 (Nest Item)

TYCOONISLAND6 (200 Mulch/20 XP)

FABWAVES7 (Nest Item/200 Mulch)

343HATS121 (200 Mulch/20 XP)


12PURPLE4 (Nest Item/20 XP)

LUCKY2012GREEN (Nest Item)

DOSHPOSH50 (50 Mulch)

CLOTT12E (Nest Item)

the binweevils moderators

some info on the weevily binweevil moderators (not all of them)

the maker
This is The Maker, most people think that he was    a SUPER ANTENNA followed by SUPER LEGS which no other Weevil has!Creation= 17:13 On 23/01/2008
Level= 59
Xp= 200000
Bin Tycoon= Yes
Nest Score= 0
Garden Size= Regular
Big weevil

Big Weevil is one of the only Weevils in the bin that is huge  (3x Bigger than an average Weevil) He also has a SUPER ANTENNA!!!
Creation= 1:46 On 28/09/2007
Level= 16
Xp= 5043
Bin Tycoon: Yes
Nest Score= 0
Garden Size= Regular

scribbles is famous for his magazine called weevIl weekly. Scribbles is extremely popular and so is his magazines. He also has SUPER ANTENNAS. he pops into random servers  every Wednesday to create his  magazine!

Creation= 17:23 On 22/09/2009
Level= 65
Xp= 987657749
Bin Tycoon: Yes
Nest Score= 32
Garden Size= Super Deluxe


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

NEW! Celebrity Wallparers are here!

Eeeek! They’re finally here – the brand new Celebrity Wallpapers, featuring the very lucky winners of the Golden Bin Weevil Hunt competition to become BIN FAMOUS!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Sunday, 1 April 2012

sunday interview

This weeks interview is with adrin who recently one the competition to be bin famous alongside 2 other lucky weevils here it is . . . . . . . .
jim506: what is you favourite colour
adrin: green

jim506: what is you favourite trophy
adrin: castle gam (level  64)

jim506: what are your decorating tips?
adrin: to a theme

jim506: what is your favourite area?
adrin: figg's