Saturday, 17 March 2012

rooms-for poll


new author jim506

hey weevils i am the new author of masterweevil's cheats jim506 this is what my weevil looks like here is a little about me
level- 60 pet name- rover mulch-931,678 at the moment tycoon- no i was masterweevil wanted a member but he liked me too much so i am now an author


open author pozitions

hey weevills i decided i want some help so you can become an author just coment why tou want to be an author and the following your name, your binweevil name, your binweevil level   when you made your binweevil and your e mail address also you will need to be a tycoon and i need to know your real age

my B.W St. Paddys room

random vote

which room idea is best

club room
celebrity room
dosh room
tinks tree room
throne room
binpet room
garden room

put you vote in the coments selection below

- masterweevil50

sws mission walkthroughs


sws mission trouble at tycoon tv towers

hi hope you enjoy this video  of the walkthrough to trouble at tycoon tv towers



golden weevil 17/3/12

hi weevils todays golden weevil is located at tinks tree


what i look like

hey weevils  i know you have all been wondering what i look like but my picture thingy wouldnt work last night sorry about the delay
hey weevils
i know yesterday my profile post was a
bit crazy with the mulch but its true heres my proofas you wee there i am very close to level 65 which when i reach there will be a huge party my nest i will inform you when the party is
- masterweevil50

Happy St Paddys Day

morning weevils

happy St. Paddys day here is a little code
- masterweevil50

Friday, 16 March 2012

golden weevil 16/03/12

oh i almost forgot the golden weevil today is in the shopping mall i will be posting the golden weevil daily until the hunt ends on the 25 march so.... thats a while away

- masterweevil50

binweevils codes

hey weevs
these are some codes

the mystrey nest item code macine is outside labs lab click on it and enter these codes

TREAT6 – Nest Item 
SECRET8 – Nest Item
BAFTA543 – Nest Item
BAFTA879 – Nest Item
BAFTA4BW2011 – Nest Item
FORTUNE219 – Nest Item
TOILET2849 – Nest Item
7206696115137 – Nest Item
72096115137160 – Nest Item
C6247OUTWIT – Nest Item
WW100THANKYOU – Nest Item
TOXIC711 – Nest Item
GOGIRL711 – Nest Item
BUNTY – Nest Item
GREENEYE11 – Nest Item
REDEYE10 – Nest Item
MYSTERY3 – Nest Item
IMAGINE2012BW – Nest Item –
LAB19SLUDGE5RED8 – Nest Item –
30DOSHCHAIRS – Nest Item –
325645 – Nest Item –
FAW275L9Z3P4 – Nest Item –
GIFT9 – Nest Item –
CLOTT1296 – Nest Item –
BIN4 – Nest Item –
MERRY24 – Nest Item –
FLEMMANOR2012 – Nest Item –
2012HAPPY – Nest Item
POSHCUPCAKE6 – Nest Item/10 XP
12PURPLE4 – Nest Item/20 XP –
9COCOABOWS – Nest Item/25 XP –
HALL13 – Nest Item/100 Mulch/13 XP
3ORANGE14 – Nest Item/50 Mulch –
29PINK6 – Nest Item/200 Mulch
CLOTT11106 – Nest Item/200 Mulch
DANGERALERT454 – Nest Item/200 Mulch
866SLEIGH622 – Nest Item/200 Mulch –
554OCEAN222 – Nest Item/200 Mulch –
FABWAVES7 – Nest Item/200 Mulch –
BINMAG50 – 50 Mulch -
63 – 1000 Mulch
685 – 1000 Mulch
MULCHMAG1120 – 1000 Mulch
SWSP4KJL47AF – 1000 Mulch
3RED6SCRIBBLES – 500 Mulch
SEA2012 – 500 Mulch – Credit to Pure
500SNOWFLAKE1200 – 200 Mulch/20 XP
102BONBON662 – 200 Mulch/20 XP
TYCOONISLAND6 – 200 Mulch/20 XP –
SANTA3525 – 200 Mulch/20 XP –
167HOLIDAY1 – 500 Mulch/30 XP –
LAB229MULCH3 – 200 XP
986SLD3Z7J –
343HATS121 –
1342CLEVER3412 – Nest Item/20 XP –
16STICKER1026 – Nest Item –


masterweevil50 profile

hey weevs
this is just a quick profile of my B.W

date joined B.W-1st nov 2010
pet name-master

i do no you think the mulch is crazy but its the truth
                                                                                                           weevil picasso


masterweevil's cheats open

Hey weevils
after a long time of thinking i have decided to make a B.W cheat site with lots of cheats for every weevil out there to look at in the next few posts i will tell you about my weevil and regular updates on binweevils