Friday, 30 March 2012

did you know tycoon bonuses?

Bin Tycoons, did you know that there are 4 special bonuses for you to collect in the Bin each and every day? You’ll need to cooperate with some buddies for the best results, but if you work together you can unlock some totally awesome free Mulch, XP and more… EVERY DAY

First, head over to Castle Gam, where a dragon has been known to make an appearance! Your goal is to fill up the big cauldron with green Mulch balls. When it’s full to the top, the dragon will appear, and Mulch coins will scatter out for all Bin Tycoons to collect!

How to unlock it: Jump on each of the round grey buttons in turn to launch Mulch from spoon to spoon, through the castle and into the pot. This works best when one Bin Weevil is stationed at every button, and you take turns jumping!

Your next stop is Club Fling. You might have noticed a tall clear tube in the courtyard that slowly fills up with pinky-purple goo. This goo is your ticket to some free XP! When the tube fills up all the way to the top, the cannon will shoot out some nice fluffy XP bubbles for Bin Tycoons to collect.

How to unlock it: Three Bin Weevils will need to stand on each of the 3 spotlights on the platform above the courtyard. As soon as there’s someone on each spotlight, the XP meter will begin to fill!
Flum’s Fountain is a favourite hangout for chatting to buddies, but you can also pick up some sweet extra prizes while you’re there. Each colour and shape of mushroom that grows around the fountain yields a different type of reward when it’s fully grown. All Bin Weevils can pick up Fitness and Happiness mushrooms, but only Bin Tycoons can score Mulch and XP!

How to unlock it: Whenever you see a panel around the fountain light up blue, jump on it before it fades! Jumping on a lit panel triggers a burst of water from the fountain, which helps the mushrooms grow. To earn rewards as fast as possible, work with a few friends and spread out around the edge of the fountain so you have a better chance of getting to a lit panel quickly.

Tink’s Tree is as mysterious as it is fun. Feeding flies to the tree makes its flowers turn into plump acorns, and Tink’s Tree is always hungry! Scent your Bin Weevil using the Scent Flowers at the base of the tree, attract flies and then feed those flies to the tree to help it bloom. Only Bin Tycoons can collect the seeds that the tree will drop when it’s ready…

How to unlock it: The best tip is to work in two teams! One team will get scented and carry flies to the hungry tree. The other team will climb up into the tree’s branches and jump on the yellow fly nests to get the flies to come out. The more of you there are, the faster you can work and the quicker you can collect those seeds!
When the seeds drop, grab as many as you can before they’re gone! Bin Tycoons can plant these seeds in their garden and they’ll each grow into one of 10 special plants that can be harvested for Mulch and XP. Amazing!

EXTRA TIP: Did you know that Dosh has so much Mulch, sometimes he has to give some away to make room for more? When you’re at Dosh’s Palace, keep one eye on the balcony above the main lobby, and Dosh might appear with a little present for any Tycoons around


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