Thursday, 22 March 2012

celebrity weevils info

hey weevils i have been working on a project for this blog it took a while and here it is

This is some info on the celebrity weevils 

Nest inspector:
The nest inspector is a very special weevil his job is to wander the bins cape and find the best nest in town when he finds a nest that is absolutely BIN-TASTIC he awards the owner an exclusive nest trophy either in bronze silver or gold there trophies are not sold in shops the only way to get your weevily fingers on them is to find the nest inspector and invite him to your nest the nest inspector loves his job but he also loves his holidays and can often be found sipping a cold smoothie at the beach

Dosh is the second richest weevil because I am richer though he is still rolling in mulch he's always been minted and just can't understand why everyone isn’t rich like me and him are he spends his time swanning around the most glamorous spots in the bin spending mulch like there is no tomorrow  when dosh isn't spending his lovely loot he is cleaning it he loves his mulch spotless and he's got 15 washing-machines to get all the dirt out

Garden inspector:
The garden inspector loves being surrounded by greenery she is seldom found indoors and prefers to spend most of her time hopping from garden to garden awarding trophies for the best ones she sees the garden inspector firmly believes that plants need music to thrive so she sings opera to them at every opportunity she's been known to sleep outside in her lawn chair so the plants don't get lonely at night!

Flem has a perpetual cold and when he doesn't have a cold he has hay fever sniffle snort snuffle sniff that’s how you know when flem's around still he docent let the sniffles get him down and he's always busy ordering in the latest designer nest items for his furniture shop that and getting through a whole lorry-load full of tissues

Zing is a very zany bin weevil who's always zooming around with zest she absolutely can't stay still for an instant which is why her favorite gadgets are the ones that never stop moving from robots to rocket ships you'll always find the perfect gadget or gizmo in zing's shop the only thing she loves more than gadgets is the letter z 

Grunt is a plumbing enthusiast he's won the golden plunger award for bin weevils services every year as long as anyone can remember although we don't think anyone else enters its no surprise that his shop is the kitchen & bathroom shop offering the latest and greatest in tubs and toilets, sinks, furniture, tiles, countertops kitchen stools and more his favorite item is the golden toilet and though he hates to part with every one he makes a sale he assures the owner that if it ever needs repair he's there bin weevil 

If there’s something crazy going on in the bin Tink is usually behind it never a day goes without tink coming up with a harebrained scheme to earn mulch his plans almost always go wrong but when you think you’re a genius you don’t get put off easily you stay on your feet and come up with a new and equally loopy idea with his best buddy Clott by his side tink is always happy to help other residents of the bin whether they want him or not

Clott is tinks ever loyal long suffering best friend these boys from the binscape are next-door neighbors
And there always together usually because clott has been roped into another one of tinks mad plans clott will do whatever he can do to help out his friend  even a more sensible weevil would have walked away but that is what makes clott such a useful partner he doesn’t do a lot of thinking  he’s always trying to come up with ways to impress posh mostly with disastrous results

Fab loves everything and every one you wont find a nicer weevil in the binscape every thing in fab’s world is just sunshine rainbows and butterflies and . . . well its just fab she loves paging her way through BEST NEST magazine to see where all the floors and walls she has sold have ended up fab has seen it all when it comes to interior decorating but when she visited clott’s nest imagine her surprise when she saw wallpaper on the ceiling and a window on the floor!

If there was a world championship for worrying tab would take gold silver and bronze he worries from the moment he wakes up and until he falls asleep (which is sometimes not until he’s been through a whole night of worrying) when bin weevils come into his shop he worries basically tab worries a lot

it will be continued soon 

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